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Presenter ~ The Hats We Wear: A day with Martha Spong

May 4, 2017 at The Steeple, Dundee, Scotland

Come and hear stories from a sister in ministry about the many hats she wears as writer, social media minister, clergy coach, pastor’s wife, mother of four, dog lover, and contemplative sock-knitter. How does she keep it all together – mostly? And how can you?

Presenter ~ RevGals REVive Iona: Power and Place in Women’s Stories

May 5-10, 2017 on the Isle of Iona, Scotland

“Power and Place in Women’s Stories” uses the gospel accounts of the woman who anoints Jesus as a lens on our own stories. How do we place ourselves? What impact does our storytelling have on our power, whether actual or perceived?

Speaking Engagements

Contact: martha.spong@gmail.com.

Martha is available to present programs on the following topics:

  • Administry: Administration as Spiritual Practice
  • The Hats We Wear: Keeping it Together in Ministry
  • There’s a Woman in the Pulpit: What I Didn’t Learn in Seminary
  • Power and Place in Women’s Stories: An Exploration of the Anointing Women
  • From Your Sisters, Who Are Always By Your Side: Mary, Martha, and the Gift of Collegiality for Women in Ministry


3 thoughts on “Speaking & Workshops

  1. Peggy Whitford

    Martha, I found your website when looking for choral readings for our small Lutheran church
    in Northern Kentucky I am so impressed with your wonderful writings. I am especially
    interested in your Christmas pageant thtat you wrote for giving to the homeless shelter.,
    as we too support one. How can we get perimission to use iit at St. Luke’s?
    Delighted to have found your work! Thanks so much
    Peggy Whitford @ roy-whitford@twc.com


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