While the Pasta Cooks

In the minutes before dinner,

 boiling water bubbling,

pasta quickly growing soft,

daughter plays the piano,

dog lounges post-walk,

and I strategize:

When do I need to go back to church?

How many things can I do before bedtime?

What do I need to pack for my trip?

What do the pets need?

Do I have house keys? 

And why did I cook a whole box?


Last Wishes

On Facebook, your page shows a random, always-changing sample of your friends. Tonight a college friend's name came up. No picture. He's not active on Facebook, and I've been to his page once, to say hello when he friended me last summer. 

When I looked just now, I found the following in the little box where you can write something about yourself. I think it's a compliment. I think.

"i just mowed the yard. i think i'm having a coronary. my face is purple. i would like to be buried in kamouraska, canada, with martha [spong] speaking over my remains."

Advent, Whimsy

A baff with Hovr Cat

(I'm not a big LOLCatz person, but this week I turned to the LOLcat Bible, while thinking about Advent 3C. This is John 3:7-18.)

7 Lotz of peeplz caem to get bath frm John. He wuz all "U iz snaekz.8
U needz to behaev. N quit sayin Abraham is ur daddi liek dat maeks a
differns. Ceiling Cat cud chaenj a rock into a kittn of Abraham LOL.
9 Teh ax iz reddi to cut down te treez. Ani tree datz no good iz goin on teh fier."

10 Evribodi wuz all "O noes! Whut now?"

11 John wuz all "U shud shaer ur flee collrz wif catz who duzn hav ani. An shaer ur cookies too."

12 Dere wuz sum IRS d00dz dere n dey askded whut dey shud do.13 John wuz liek "Doant steal duh."

Hovrcat_descending14 N sum soljrz askted whut dey shud do.15 John wuz liek "Dont steal an dont tell liez."

15 Sum peepl wundrded if maybi John wuz Christ.16 John wuz liek "No. I givz u baff wif watr, but Christ will giv u a baff with Hovr Cat an wif fier too.17 He iz goin to put all teh wheet in hiz barn an burn teh trash on teh fier.18 At leest he gived dem sum good newz along wif teh bad newz.


Thanks. I needed that. "At leest he gived dem sum good news along wif teh bad newz." Amen.