Liturgy, Palm Sunday, Reflectionary

Palm Sunday Responsive Prayer

Holy One, bless your servants:

the ones missing palms and parades
and processions and passion,
and the ones who wish
we could line the aisle with cloaks.

Holy One, bless your servants:

the directors of congregational dramas,
whose scripts are unused this year,
and the musicians praying for Zoom-synced voices
to make sweet hosannas ring.

Holy One, bless your servants:

the brave hearts, home with children, 
who need more elbow room,
and the weary spirits, home alone, 
who long to be part of a crowd.

Holy One, bless your servants:

the preachers and worship leaders,
live from the living room,
and the digitally displaced,
wishing dearly for some sense of being church.

Hear us shout together,
even though we are apart:


Blessed is the one
who comes
in the name of the Lord!

Bless us today
as you blessed the world long ago.
In the name of Jesus,
Son of David, we pray.

You are welcome to use the prayer and image (inspired by the Palm Sunday lectionary texts).

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