Prayers for Pastors

Hard truths (a prayer for pastors)

Lord, O Lord,

Every Sunday somewhere,
hard truths need speaking.

Every day, some places.

And we don’t want to speak them
because we don’t want to know them.
We are afraid they will change us,
make us see instead of turn away,
make us hear instead of letting
our earbuds filter the truth.

But you have called us,
ordained or not,
all people of faith,
to proclaim You,
and like the prophets
we are learning that while
You are love,
You are grace,
You are mercy,
You are not safety
from the world’s judgment,
the rancor of enemies,
the disapproval of friends,
the rejection of family,
or the anger of church folk.

Caravaggio [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Caravaggio [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Help us to tell the truth about You,
and never to sugarcoat it.

We ask in the name of the One
who gave himself up
to arrest,
to trial,
to death.