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Why I Do This

  In the midst of probably the lowest blogging ebb I've had in the past five years, I received an email from one of my earliest blogging friends, Jody Harrington at Quotidian Grace, who will be writing an article about clergy bloggers who are also mothers. It was a great reminder of what blogging has meant to me over the years. I started blogging with 3 posts in 2003, then came back to it in the winter of 2004, but it was probably another year before it became a daily habit. I've done it at three blogs:

  • the defunct Blogger version with the non-pseudonymous lame title;
  • Set Free, to which I moved all the old posts, though I lost the comments;
  • and finally, Reflectionary.

Fall Break Apple Pie blog What does it mean that I've had a slump this fall? It's a combination of a very demanding job and children reaching an age where writing about our life together feels like over-exposure of their individual lives. I used to blog when we made a pie, but as blogging has declined overall, I don't know if anyone cares, whereas in 2004, when we made the pie in the picture, I didn't care if anyone knew!

And I'm not preaching every week, so I don't have the "need" to write as a sermon process.

But I think I do need it for other reasons. I need it as a spiritual discipline. I need it as a release valve. I need it as a place for processing. Sometimes I need it as a resource for feedback or affirmation or wisdom from others.

November is that month when people commit to write a novel, or a short story, or knit a sweater, or simply to blog everyday.

I'm more likely to be writing a Christmas pageant than a short story, and although I have a sweater on the agenda for a certain someone for a certain holiday upcoming, I think I'll choose the blog commitment and simply make it to myself.