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Snacks on a Train

LP and I are on a Girls' Getaway. We left the boys at home, where they are joking about having something called a Rager.

(They'd better be joking.)

We're reading and watching DVDs on my laptop. The train left a little late due to the major weather yesterday, but we should make our connections just fine later.

Thanks be to Amtrak, for snacks and electrical outlets and transportation to the places we want to go!

Snacks on a Train



After numerous phone calls, the airlines agreed to cooperate with one another and get the bag to Snowman. He'll have it tomorrow morning! I am grateful to The Father of My Children for making many of the calls and finding someone at US Air who would actually communicate with the baggage people at LaGuardia to track down the bag. That was the key to getting it underway again.

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Gang aft agley

The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,
Gang aft agley.

~Robert Burns, "To a Mouse"

Traveling on a one-way plane ticket with two changes of airline, Snowman became separated from his suitcase today. Either no one told him, or he did not understand, that he he needed to pick up his checked bag at LaGuardia and check it in again before getting his flight to Chicago. He's now in Mitten-Shaped state, and his bag? Not so much.

US Air says he must come to LaGuardia and claim it.

It's a nice rolling bag from LL Bean, a present from his grandparents, the bag that ganged agley. Snowman carried on his clarinet and music and his laptop, so now he is at Land o' Lakes with only the clothes on his back. Tomorrow he'll get a box with his uniform clothes, but all his non-work clothes are in that suitcase.

Parents will intervene, have no fear.

But who intervenes for us, when our plans go awry?

The LORD answer you in the day of trouble! The name of the God of Jacob protect you! (Psalm 20:1)

Now, this problem might have been prevented without prayer, either through better explanation or better understanding. But when we're on the phone with a faceless representative of the airline industry, when we want to hang up the phone and write off the bag full of clothes or whatever else has gone astray in our lives, it's a good time to pray. It may not bring back the bag.

It mostly likely will not, in fact.

But it may bring back the person we want to be, not captive to frustration with self or others, but able to face what's in front of us, or what we've left behind.

No one set out to make Snowman's day difficult or to ruin his summer or to take away the very same madras shorts on which I so carefully sewed a button just last night.

The best-laid schemes sometimes end up at LaGuardia, going around and around on the baggage carousel. We can't change that. But we *can* change how we respond.  In those moments, let us pray.