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Snacks on a Train

LP and I are on a Girls' Getaway. We left the boys at home, where they are joking about having something called a Rager.

(They'd better be joking.)

We're reading and watching DVDs on my laptop. The train left a little late due to the major weather yesterday, but we should make our connections just fine later.

Thanks be to Amtrak, for snacks and electrical outlets and transportation to the places we want to go!

Snacks on a Train



After numerous phone calls, the airlines agreed to cooperate with one another and get the bag to Snowman. He'll have it tomorrow morning! I am grateful to The Father of My Children for making many of the calls and finding someone at US Air who would actually communicate with the baggage people at LaGuardia to track down the bag. That was the key to getting it underway again.

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Gang aft agley

The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,
Gang aft agley.

~Robert Burns, "To a Mouse"

Traveling on a one-way plane ticket with two changes of airline, Snowman became separated from his suitcase today. Either no one told him, or he did not understand, that he he needed to pick up his checked bag at LaGuardia and check it in again before getting his flight to Chicago. He's now in Mitten-Shaped state, and his bag? Not so much.

US Air says he must come to LaGuardia and claim it.

It's a nice rolling bag from LL Bean, a present from his grandparents, the bag that ganged agley. Snowman carried on his clarinet and music and his laptop, so now he is at Land o' Lakes with only the clothes on his back. Tomorrow he'll get a box with his uniform clothes, but all his non-work clothes are in that suitcase.

Parents will intervene, have no fear.

But who intervenes for us, when our plans go awry?

The LORD answer you in the day of trouble! The name of the God of Jacob protect you! (Psalm 20:1)

Now, this problem might have been prevented without prayer, either through better explanation or better understanding. But when we're on the phone with a faceless representative of the airline industry, when we want to hang up the phone and write off the bag full of clothes or whatever else has gone astray in our lives, it's a good time to pray. It may not bring back the bag.

It mostly likely will not, in fact.

But it may bring back the person we want to be, not captive to frustration with self or others, but able to face what's in front of us, or what we've left behind.

No one set out to make Snowman's day difficult or to ruin his summer or to take away the very same madras shorts on which I so carefully sewed a button just last night.

The best-laid schemes sometimes end up at LaGuardia, going around and around on the baggage carousel. We can't change that. But we *can* change how we respond.  In those moments, let us pray.

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The Forecast

"Snowman, look at this map. See the pink part?"

"Pink is bad."

Mitten map

Tomorrow he takes the bus in a medium-green zone to catch a flight to a
white zone, to fly through a pink zone, to land in more white.

Should we have a blog pool to guess how late his arrival will be?

(Also, is it possible he could EVER travel without bad weather?)


Airport Blogging

I no longer expect anything to be where it is scheduled to be when it is scheduled to be there. This extends to car services and airplanes, but better not extend to immediate family members who will pick me up at City By the Sea Jetport later.

I would like to be well on my way home, where rumor has it there is a 7th grade social crisis to be faced, and at the very least a middle school dance to be survived. Although the other parent stepped in, I feel pretty useless sitting here admiring the time warp architecture at LaGuardia.

At least my sermon is getting written.

And there is a Boingo hotspot.

And Amazon offered free downloads of the first two Julia Spencer-Fleming mysteries.

Still, I would rather be home.

Catch you on the flip side, whenever that may be.

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Arrival Time–1:40 a.m.

My cell phone went off in the deep hours of night, playing the hopped-up version of the Dies Irae from Mozart’s Requiem that indicates a text message.

It was from Snowman.

Just got in will call tomorrow let dad know

It was 1:40 a.m. That was a long bus ride. I hope they let the kids sleep in, though I’m doubtful that will happen. Snowman’s community service job is setting up the chairs for band four mornings a week at 7:30, and this is his day.

I’m relieved he is there safely. And, hey! It only took 21 hours and ten minutes. (Left our house at 4:30 a.m. yesterday to get the bus to Beantown Airport.)

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Stranded in Detroit

I’m not the kind of mother who freaks out when she hears her 17-year-old is stranded in Detroit and won’t be able to get another flight until tomorrow, am I?

Please say no.

Update: The flight left Detroit and was turned back before it got to Traverse City. The initial word was that they could not get another flight until the same time tomorrow afternoon. But apparently Northwest would rather not have 30 17-year-olds spending the night and half the next day in the airport, so they’ve found another plane and a new crew and are hoping to have them back in the air at 6:30 p.m. Good thinking on their part.

Update, Part Two: The second flight could not take off, so the airline gave the kids $10 meal vouchers and is arranging a bus to take them across Mitten-Shaped State. No idea when said bus will leave the airport. More when they get there. (Just a little tired of diversions, hoping if this is a message, I will get it soon.)

And last, but not least: While sitting in a Trustees meeting, I got a call from Snowman, who put me on with a Northwest employee. I gave permission for him to ride the bus. They were still trying to get it to go straight to Land o’Lakes, rather than the airport, but that was not definite. Some poor Northwest employee got the pleasure of making the trip with the kids. I guess they’ll be there late this evening.