Church Life, The Male Animal

So, at church this morning…

…I go across the hall from my office to use the bathroom, and I find the door is locked, with a sign that says "Occupied."

Songbird: "Occupied?!??"

(It’s early, you see, and I can’t imagine who is using it. Or why it’s locked.)

Snowman: I think it’s #1 Son.

Songbird: In the Ladies’ Room?


Songbird: #1 Son?

#1 Son: Yes?

Songbird: Why are you in the Ladies Room?

#1 Son: The Men’s Room creeps me out. Besides, it’s a Unisex Bathroom!

Songbird: (backs away to read the sign, joined by Snowman) Oh! How can I have been here a year without seeing that?

Snowman: It’s a Unisex Bathroom.

The sign actually says:


Snowman: Are you a unisex, handicapped baby who needs changing?

#1 Son: (flushes)

Songbird: (starts laughing, mutters) "Are you a unisex, handicapped baby who needs changing?" (cannot stop laughing) I have to sit down.

(Eventually I learned that the Men’s Room has no stalls with doors. How’s that for Hospitality? I think I have something for the first meeting of the Welcome Ministry.)