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Interim Training, Day Three

Skipper is home!
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What a day!

A beautiful Power Point to a guitar-accompanied version of "I Love to Tell the Story"

Marvelous discoveries via a Power Analysis Chart exercise

"We are not in the business of enabling psychotic behavior!" (are we sure about that?)

"Unhealthy systems attract unhealthy people." (Yes on that one.)

An aged but wonderful video by Joel Barker, the guy who brought us Paradigm Shifts (yes, I know, we're getting tired of that phrase, but it was new once), and says, "New ideas are shot down by people who assume the future is an extension of the past." Okay, he said that twenty years ago. But it's still true.

Paradigm Shift Leaders must be courageous, "in defiance of the evidence provided by the problem-solving…a decision made on faith."

We talked about leave-taking and reflected on past departures in our lives. I regret the squeeze of time as I left Small Church, especially the older people I saw only when I accompanied the Christmas Carolers. I wish, as I did when I took Snowman to school last fall, I could have sealed the leave-taking with prayer.

Then, we "graduated." I bid a fond farewell to Charming Episcopal Friend; we hope to meet again at the next level of training. Then Skipper and I drove home with our two other Vacationlanders, hitting surprisingly little traffic. Molly expressed interest in Skipper, but the pictures did not come out well. It's lucky for all of us that I am neither as good a photographer as Dare Wright, nor as weird.

I received a certificate for 20 contact hours, but won't be a certified Interim Minister unless I take the five day class within the next year and follow that with a project in my church setting. As many readers know, I'm also getting ready to go to new church planter training. Somehow these two ministry possibilities are coinciding in my life. I don't know how God will want to use me next. I just know I want to be ready, wherever the Holy Breeze blows.