Prayers for Pastors, The People Pray

Just Breathe

Spirit of God,

Sometimes it’s hard to breathe,
in and out,
as if something in my body resists
the way breath moves inside me,
blocked by exhaustion
or resentment
or disappointment.

Help me to just breathe,
to settle my body in its space,
to let the air fill my lungs.

Help me to expand
with the breath
and be open
to your possibilities,
to your healing,
to your love.

Help me to
just breathe
and rest in you.


Prayers for Pastors

What We’ve Lost

Merciful God,

In the long arc of history,
the ever-flowing stream of time,
fifteen months seems brief,
and we give thanks that our mistakes
and any breakdown in our communications
with you
will seem small and passing in the end.

But we are not at the end,
or even that place where the river meets the sea.

We are midstream,
unable to catch all the grief flowing by.

How can we hold a space
for overdue tears
for deep honoring
for tender remembrance
that won’t feel hurried or belated,
inadequate to the need?

Help us, Great Comforter,
not to deny or ignore
but to heal and strengthen
all your people.


Prayers for Pastors, Reflectionary, The People Pray

Far above

To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens!

Psalm 123:1

We turn our eyes to you, O God.

You are far above the human fray:
the conflicting reports,
the baseless accusations,
the stressful conversations.

You see far beyond our daily worries,
yet stay intimately connected to us.

We place it all before you,
trusting that you care for us,
all of us,
without exception.

Give us the tools we need to serve you in the coming weeks,
caring for all people with love,
holding out the possibility of justice,
living as representatives of your grace and mercy.

We pray in Christ’s name.


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