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Grocery shopping

Groceries1 When LP and I are the only ones at home, the grocery shopping is different.

We drink less milk, can barely get through a gallon without having it go sour.

A loaf of bread lasts a whole week.

We rarely buy a box of pasta, but when the boys are home I buy two or three every time I go to the store.

Laundry detergent lasts longer, and dish washing detergent, too, since we run the dishwasher every other day.

Tonight I bought one boneless chicken breast.

But there’s one thing we seem to go through just as quickly without them.

Can you guess what?

Bearnaise Sauce Dogs, Domestics

Processing Food

I need a new food processor, and it does not need to do the mixer type stuff, since that part of my old Braun works fine.

I need something that will make rice and chicken, cooked for a dog, into a consistency that will not lead to rice grains all over the oriental rug in the dining room (which is where Sam eats.) None of the special kibbles work for his sensitive tummy, so we are changing to a cooked diet, probably for the rest of his life. I'd like to be able to cook twice a week, but this is a BIG DOG. He eats 5 or 6 cups of food a day. So I need a good food processor but don't want to spend a fortune.

We're going to start with chicken and rice, then later add a vegetable (carrots or maybe even sweet potatoes), fish oil and vitamins, in case you're wondering.

All advice appreciated.