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  1. The parable of the mustard seed has always been a powerful imagery for me. When I was 18, my mother died as I clung to this “naive” idea of only needing the faith of a mustard seed and she would be well. Years after her death, I began to explore this God who “took her away” and my faith grew. Later, as my infant daughter was in the ICU on life support, someone gave me a necklace with a mustard seed. At that time, I was only able to hold the seed. Since then with life’s ups and downs, I am drawn to all stories about the mustard seed. Your devotional today which I read on Daily Devotions from the UCC has inspired me. Thank you. Blessings, Phyllis

  2. Our courts are now voting for another conservative judge. Will RBG’s work be disavowed? This marvelous lady fought so sincerely for freedom and justice for all. She is/was a model for all, man or woman. May our Supreme Court continue to honor her legacy.

    1. The timing of my devotion was so strange. I couldn’t have predicted it when writing last month. I join in your hopes for the future. Thanks for reaching out.

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