mks headshotMartha Spong is a writer, a pastor, and a clergy coach. Her new book, Denial is My Spiritual Practice (and Other Failures of Faith), coauthored with Rachel G. Hackenberg, will be published in May, 2018, by Church Publishing, Inc.

Martha is the Executive Director of RevGalBlogPals, an ecumenical ministry providing support and resources to clergywomen around the world and across and beyond denominations, and the editor of There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, a collection of essays by members of the RevGalBlogPals web ring.

Martha has a coaching practice focused on empowering clergywomen to meet their goals in leadership and life. Ordained in the United Church of Christ, she has served congregations of diverse size and situation as both a settled and intentional interim pastor, in Maine and Pennsylvania.

Her avocations include knitting socks, rooting for the Washington Nationals, and singing along with musicals. Martha lives in South Central Pennsylvania with her wife, who is a Presbyterian Church (USA) pastor. They have four “hers and hers” children, from a 7th grader to three who have flown the nest for Los Angeles, Boston, and Tokushima, Japan.

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  1. Oh Martha, thank you so much – really from the bottom of my heart for this most recent post about “Old Wive’s Tales”!!!! I cannot tell you how important I think your message is! I’ve shared with everyone I know. You’ve said perfectly what the rest of us can’t articulate! You are amazing! Thank you again for saying what I could not!!!


  2. Martha- I am so grateful for the many gifts your words bring to me. The inspiration I find in your story and your interpretation of the timeless stories of our faith are, quite simply, what I desperately need right now as I seek the peace I know God wants for me. Thank you, and I thank God for you.


  3. Hey, Martha! Greetings from a fellow Project Plus resident from W&M.

    I’m now a pastor of Loch Willow Presbyterian Church in Churchville, VA.
    We’ve just finished the spring quarter of The Present Word in our adult Sunday School class, and week after week, the students and teachers kept saying things like, “I really like the way this writer puts things.” I’ve never heard them comment like that on any quarter’s lessons.
    You really made an impression on them. And I had to brag, saying, “I knew her when we were younger.”

    Thank you for your work, and God bless you.

    Reed Hopkins

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    1. Reed, thank you so much for passing along their kind words. I always worry that people who knew me at W&M will remember an underachieving dreamer who minored in playing Bridge. It’s nice to get another chance to make a more positive impression.
      Blessings on your ministry,


  4. I would love to have permission to use Narrative Lectionary Advent Wreath liturgies in my small, Presbyterian (USA) churches in Millersburg, OH. I couldn’t find your email to ask that way 🙂


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