Coaching Resources for Clergy

As we enter another program year impacted by COVID, clergy need to draw on all the gifts they have available to meet the moment. How will you meet the challenges of ministry this fall? I hope you will consider coaching as both a practice for deepening insights and a source of support in a complex and demanding season. As a coach, I come alongside, listen deeply, ask questions that invite reflection and develop insights, and offer accountability for the goals you set. Here are some of the coaching opportunities I offer.
  • Individual Coaching - We explore the questions that animate your ministry, whether you aim to enhance your leadership skills, reassess priorities, navigate conflict, improve work-life balance, reimagine sermon preparation, discern a new call, or prepare for transition/retirement. I offer a complimentary introductory session.
  • Sustaining Clergy - Groups of 3 to 6 participants meet biweekly over three months. Sessions include theological reflection, discussion of ministry issues, and accountability for planned actions, all grounded in prayer. Join a new group starting in October.
  • Enneagram Coaching - Enneagram coaching offers insights for clergy who want to deepen their essential strengths and develop new capabilities for effective leadership in a challenging season. Schedule a complimentary session to learn more.
  • NEXT Church Coaching Cohorts - NEXT Church has some great coaching cohorts starting up in October, designed to help church leaders meet this moment. Coaching cohorts are a combination of scheduled group cohorts gathered around a particular topic led by teachers and experts, along with individual coaching sessions in between those cohort meetings with trained/certified coaches to help you apply and wrestle with the topic for your particular context. I’m excited to be leading another Enneagram and Leadership group and to be teamed with Larissa Kwong Abazia to coach the Monday evening section of Antiracist Practices for Faithful Leadership. Find all their offerings at NEXT Church.
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