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The wrong we have done

All-knowing God,

We do not want you to know what we do.

When we say we do what we hate
what we mean is this:
we do exactly what we want
and we expect that no one will know,
or no one will stop us. 

The good we want is hard,
or it is painful,
or it requires discipline or honesty
or self-reflection,
and we do not do it.

The evil we do is easy
or attractive
or tempting
or so commonplace
it can be hard to believe it is wrong.

Help us to look at ourselves and see
how things really are,
not the fairy tale versions who do no wrong,
but our actual selves, 
in all our brokenness.

Help us to take an honest look
and not despair
or resort to defensiveness.

Help us to face the wrong we have done,
and the things our ancestors have done
and left undone before us.

From our stories and yours
help us to learn a better way,
to begin to live in wholeness
as the people you made us to be. We ask it in the holy name of Jesus. Amen. 

I wrote this prayer in response to Romans 7:15-25a. You’re welcome to use it, or the image below, in any way that would be useful this week.

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  1. Thanks, Martha. I put the link to this post on Facebook to share this timely prayer widely.

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