Liturgy, Prayer

Make us the engineers of your change

Holy God,

We know you call us to faithful lives. You send us emissaries, both in the stories of Holy Scripture and in the lives of people we meet. We give thanks for the brave proclaimers of truth, the tireless workers against injustice, and the quiet heroes of goodness who respond to your call by saying, “Here I am.”

And yet, we hesitate.

We confess our own fear of speaking up. We confess our exhaustion in the struggle. We confess our fear of seeming different from our friends and neighbors.

Help us to welcome your messengers, no matter what the world may think. Help us to open more than our doors, to offer more than a cup of cold water. Help us to open our hearts to your Word. Help us to offer our lives for your Way.

Give us the courage to take the next step, to follow where you lead, and to live lives that testify to your truth. 

Make us the engineers of your change in the world: the protestors for peace, the provokers of justice, the agitators of love, and the instigators of mercy. 

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We ask all these things in the name of the One who offered us everything, Jesus Christ, who taught us to pray saying…

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