Prayer, The People Pray

Are you listening?

Holy One,

Sometimes we wonder, are you listening?

We come to you with our ordinary prayers, the ones you probably expect. We have prayed for the same things for a long time. We pray about our jobs, our children, our friends. and our parents. We pray for healing and peace and change and relief. We raise our joy and our bitterness, our hopes and our despair. We demand justice, or maybe we shyly ask to better understand what it might mean. 

We pour it all out to you. 

Are you listening, O God?

Sometimes we see a glimmer, get a hint, feel the nudge, a moment of something that assures us, yes. Yet so much that we pray for does not come to be. So much has not come to pass.

Are you listening, O God? O God, you are listening. 

Give us the nudge, we pray, that rouses us from a comfortable slumber, that propels us out of the seat, that equips us for the work you call us to do —

the work that brings hope where there is despair
the work that offers joy to sweeten bitterness
the work that brings the justice we seek. 

Are you listening, O God? O God, you are listening.

We will call on you as long as we live. 

In Christ’s name. Amen.