Psalm 23, Reflectionary

God is My…

In this week when we are all strategizing our response to a new abnormal, It feels providential that wrapped into the lectionary for Sunday is the 23rd Psalm. In The Words of Her Mouth: Psalms for the Struggle, I wrote a psalm in conversation with it, Are You?  You’ll find the text below. Pages of notes and fragments on legal pad paper trace the path I took from one metaphor to another, trying to find the image that resonated for me but would also be common enough to be recognizable and relatable to readers. 

What would speak broadly to people in this moment? 

From Australia this week, where he is in isolation after he and his wife were diagnosed with COVID-19 Tom Hanks channeled the man he played on screen and thanked the helpers on Instagram. In Italy, a start-up company used a 3D printer to manufacture valves desperately needed for Coronavirus patients. Ai Fen, a doctor in Wuhan, China, is speaking out against authorities who covered up the outbreak there, trying to get the word out before censors erase the truth.

God is my helper, my engineer, my physician; God is my whistleblower…

Who is God to us in this moment? Who is the God we call out to in prayer?

If you will be streaming worship on Facebook Live or bringing your community together on Zoom, I hope you’ll ask who God is to them in this moment. Use the psalm to frame the question. Invite responses in a comment stream or via text message or in a chat box. Please know I am praying for you and the people you serve, today and in the weeks to come.

You’re welcome to use my psalm in worship or wherever it might be helpful.

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