Liturgy, Transfiguration

A prayer for Transfiguration Sunday

Holy One,

We have been to the high places,
the extreme edges of bliss,
the far reaches of where-to-find-you,
the mind-bending moments of truth,
the spill of something ineffable,
the fragrance of words-can’t-describe.

We have been there, most of us, once or twice, if that.
Mystics have gone more often, and poets, surely. 
Some still wait for a trip to the mountaintop,
or it is a childhood recollection confused with dreams.

When we went there, we felt

We said things,
possibly laughable.

And then it was over.
The moment passed.
The brightness dimmed.
Clothes, faces, sounds
returned to normal.

You know we need you more
when we come down again.

Be with us, here on the ground.
Help us to find the words and the actions
to make you real to ourselves, 
to those who need you most.

You’re welcome to use the prayer and image in worship.

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