Reflectionary, The Words of Her Mouth

Hebrew uncertain

“The wicked rod won’t remain in the land given to the righteous so that they don’t use their hands to do anything wrong.” Psalm 125:3, CEB

A footnote, the letter “q,” directs me to the bottom margin for further explanation.

“Heb(rew) uncertain,” I read.

The meaning sometimes seems obvious to me, but I remind myself, “you bring your context to every verse you read.” 

Who’s to say what it means for our hearts to be right?  Who among us gets to say?


I hold onto this: 

God is close by, protecting us; God will not abandon us to the rule of the wicked, or even to the tempting tools the wicked use.

What rod tempts us?

Take it away, O God. Take it away. 

I would love to know your thoughts.

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