Derailed (a prayer for pastors)

Holy One,

I like to have a plan
for every season
of the church year,
for every season
of my life.

I love making the plan,
with variations,
assembling the materials
practical and vocational,
doing the research
geographic, theological.

I want the plan
to serve You,
to express my
faithfulness to You.

derailedI want my plan
to stay on track.

Sometimes, though,
I am derailed,
perhaps by grief,
or economic chaos,
by unexpected
human frailty,
even by

I don’t know
what Jesus planned,
or if,
whether he lay awake
in the wilderness night
looking at stars,
imagining the day to come.

Be with me in my work,
and in my planning,
and in the moments
plans derail.

Especially then.

Help me
to get up again,
and to follow
the lead of the Spirit
even into the wilderness
without plans,
without rails.


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