Prayers for Pastors

Resist the powers (a prayer for pastors)

A little child, confused,
a father separated from his family,
a woman waiting for the one she loves,
these ordinary stories,
everyday for many,
have been escalated
by the powers that be.

Lord, what can we do?

We’re expected to speak,
to find a way to talk about Jesus,
and some will say,
do not talk “politics,”
do not tell us these stories
of ordinary people,
of families like ours.

Lord, what can we do?

Some of us left behind
dinner, children, sermons,
to find a way to airports,
to make the kind of noise
that no one can ignore,
pink hat wearers and
pink hat doubters alike.

Lord, what can we do?

img_0060Stop feeling helpless.
Organize your thoughts.
Take action. Speak out.
Claim your authority.
Do not be afraid.
Remember your baptism.
Resist the powers of evil.

Do it all for Christ’s sake,
in Christ’s name.