Prayers for Pastors

Make us chain-breakers (a Christmas prayer for pastors)

chain-breakersHoly One,

The stars may be shining
as we head home
bleary-eyed tonight,
some of us to wassail alone,
others to search for the
Triple A batteries,
or sleep briefly, alarms
set for worship tomorrow.

Keep us focused on
things that matter,
letting go of
imperfect orders of service,
secular piano solos,
descants on our nerves,
parking lot traffic jams,
and attendance numbers.

(It’s a Saturday night.)

Give us prophet’s voices,
unafraid to speak your truth
even when it hurts,
even when it hurts us.
Make us chain-breakers
and peace-makers
on this holy night,
every day and night.

We pray in your name,

2 thoughts on “Make us chain-breakers (a Christmas prayer for pastors)”

  1. We are alone this Christmas Eve. So different from the days of our youth. He is counting the car lights that pass by on the main road at this twilight time. I am corresponding with the children and grandchildren who are traveling hither and yon. Feels better and not so lonely just to receive a text or email from them. They are scattered around this country but are all safe and with loved ones and that is a very good thing. We treated ourselves to a spin around town last evening looking at the Christmas Lights. This evening we will go to the Live Nativity exhibit and join neighbors listening to the old story once again. We will eat some cookies and drink hot chocolate and count our blessings one by one.

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