Prayers for Pastors

Through bleary eyes (a prayer for pastors)

Holy One,

I hold an ideal for
Saturday night sleep
a complete sort of rest
that will deliver me
to Sunday, your day,
ready to represent,
to speak clearly
and winsomely,
to listen carefully
and deeply,
to teach wisely
and humbly.

twitter-picI hold an ideal
that does not account
for Saturday evening news
that has me
checking Twitter
and texting
grown-up children,
refreshing news sites
and cursing
journalists who clocked out
for the weekend, or
at least, the evening.

I meant to clock out.
Instead, I woke
rubbing eyes still tired,
nodding over my phone
to start the day
just as I ended the last.
Through bleary eyes,
I read bad news;
I prepare to bring
the Good News.
Wake me up!
Wake our hearts to you.