Prayers for Pastors

Recharge (a prayer for pastors)

RechargingBusily polishing
my sermon
I plug my phone
into my laptop.
My young son asks,

Is that a flash drive?

No, it’s my phone.
It’s charging.
He wonders
don’t I need to plug
in the laptop, too?

It’s like this sometimes.

I try to explain to
a logical 11-year-old
how it works, how
many things you can
plug into the laptop.

But isn’t it losing power?

Yes, but right now,
before I leave
for church,
the phone
matters more.

My logic.

I am the laptop,
giving out all the power
I have available
to charge up the ministry
yet to do today.

But don’t I need to plug in?

Lord, you are
the source
of all the power
that matters in this world.
Recharge me, I pray.

Phone at 57%. Time to go.