Prayers for Pastors

For those who (a prayer for pastors)

end of summer to do listFor those who spent a weary day wrestling with the texts,

and those who did not sleep last night for cause theologic or domestic,

and those whose vacay starts when the benediction ends,

and those whose “to do” lists read haircuts, sneakers, calculators,

and those who wish to be busy as some of the rest but are sidelined by illness or injury or family requirements,

and those who are tired of being called poster children for their identity,

and those who are showing up but just not feeling it,

and those who are waiting for the place you will send them,

and those who are eager and righteous and ready,

and for all who support us in this work we do for you,

Gracious God, in your mercy,

hear this prayer.


Special thanks from me this week to Karoline Lewis of “Dear Working Preacher,” who made me feel like I could do this thing.

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