Prayers for Pastors

Come to Jesus (a prayer for pastors)

Open arms, at Chautauqua
Open arms, at Chautauqua (photo by mkspong)

“Come to Jesus”

It’s a phrase that should please us,
an invitational gesture,
like “come to Mama”
when we need comforting
or “come to Papa”
when we celebrate.

Come to Jesus.

But we know it means something else.

It means an end
to whatever lie
we’ve been telling ourselves.

It means an end
to whatever belief system
we have constructed to suit ourselves.

It means an end.

Come to Jesus.

It can also mean
a beginning,
a new era,
a deeper understanding,
born from a moment of truth.

When you call us
to that moment
may we not turn away,

despite our fears,
our complacency,
our stubbornness.

May we
come to Jesus
and be changed.


4 thoughts on “Come to Jesus (a prayer for pastors)”

  1. Ha!! synchronicity or something of the sort — this morning I preached on “The Teacher is here and is calling for you” as extension to Luke 10…so happy with it.

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