Prayers for Pastors

Periscope (a prayer for pastors)

I saw them on Periscope,
standing on a curb
in Baton Rouge.

I saw them on Twitter,
singing Purple Rain
on I-94.

I saw them on Instagram,
on Facebook,
in handcuffs.

I saw them protesting
because they believe
Black Lives Matter

How will the protestors
ever know
their lives matter

to white preachers
to white people
unless we say it?

What would they see
if preachers Periscoped

Yesterday was my first day on Periscope. I installed it on my phone to see Lin-Manuel Miranda on his last day in “Hamilton.” It’s connected to my Twitter account, which meant that in the evening, I got a notification from Brittany Packnett, on the ground at the protest in Baton Rouge, and began watching a live video that took me down the street with her while police moved protestors across a street, then began to arrest them for being *in* the street. I’ve said before, it’s long past time for things to change, but today I say, this is the time. This is the moment. It won’t happen unless we all talk and work together.
Activist Deray McKesson arrested in Baton Rouge last night.
Activist DeRay McKesson arrested in Baton Rouge last night.  Read more at the Washington Post