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Great Composer (a prayer for pastors)

Creating God, You are the Great Composer. You have made all things, all the raw material of humankind and the natural world. You write us into being. Guide us in the choices we make. May we be respectful of your gifts to us and make the most of them, for your sake.
Saving Christ, You are the Great Harmonizer. You came into the world and showed us how to live in community. You taught us to love not only our friend but our enemies. Help us to find the ways we are most alike in following you and to praise you together.
Sustaining Spirit, You are the Great Improviser. Give us the courage to be playful and free as we wander through life, stopping to see beauty, to love kindness, and to live out your grace and mercy.
Gracious One, You are the Great Conductor. You set our parts before us, giving us gifts that can work together for good if we will follow your lead. Focus our eyes on your baton, that we may make beautiful music together as your church in this time and place.
We offer our prayers for those we hold close in our hearts and the things they face,
for those worrying about illness and injury in their families and congregations,
for those discerning how to follow you faithfully despite human voices that deny their call,
for those wondering how and where to serve you best.
On this Pentecost Sunday, call us together as you called your first followers. Give us the power to understand each other beyond boundaries of language, culture, and habit. Grant us the humility to see the things we don’t know in full, to learn from one another, to hear each other’s stories, and to find a common tongue in loving and serving you. Amen.

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  1. Help me to understand the way I was written into being. Even in the same language I can’t see a rational explanation of my being. Help me learn from all who serve.

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