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Tech Sabbath (a prayer for pastors)

Spirit of God,
You move like the wind,
are everywhere,
in everything.

But we are not looking for you
when our noses are bent toward
small screens and large,
when our eyes cross
and vision fades
after hours of studying
tiny images
held in our hands.

We know this, but it was a shock
when the 11-year-old said,
“Hey, maybe we could all
take a break from electronics!”

Hmmm. People might need us for something.
Suppose there is an actual emergency?
How can we arrange this?
Phones in a basket on the counter?
(We know the difference between
the ringer and a Facebook chime,
a tweet, a Bleacher Report update.)

After church, said the clergy parents.
After church, until Monday morning.

Today, may we find peace
in some Sabbath hours
unbusily spent
playing games,
going for a walk,
looking each other
in the eye,
looking for You.

2 thoughts on “Tech Sabbath (a prayer for pastors)”

  1. Oh, I don’t know. Being handicapped, I read my daily devotional & Bible on my computer every day. Plus, each Sunday I can “go to church” by watching Friedens UCC’s Streamed Sermon. Sure when families text, instead of talk, at the dinner table tech CAN be a distraction, but it can be a gateway to God too.

  2. Beautiful prayer, Martha. And I love that the 11 year old asked for tech Sabbath.

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