Prayers for Pastors

Give us a sense (a Holy Week prayer for pastors)

We’re working hard, Lord,
working hard to give people
a sense of you in this holiest of weeks.

We are working hard
to bring alive the story
of celebration
and anxiety,
of branches strewn in the road,
of abundant love poured out,
and unavoidable death,
and the courage to face it.

We strive to summon up
the drama of the moment.
The joy of triumphal entry.
The foreboding
of the days that followed.
The fragrance of perfume.
The taste of supper.
The clamor of angry shouts.

We strive.

Holy One,
in the midst of this
we hold concerns
for sisters in Christ
who wait at bedsides,
who undergo treatment,
who grieve terrible losses.

O God! give us a sense
that you are with us.
Give us a sense of you.