Prayers for Pastors

Walk It Proud (a prayer for preachers)

a friend tells me
that in seminary
a professor advised
preaching students,
“If you’ve got a dog,
walk it proud.”

Teddy believes in you.
Teddy believes in you.

I laughed
when I heard it.
By that time
I had a few years
of experience,
and I knew plenty of dogs
were behind me.

I thought, surely,
that won’t happen again.
I’m better at this now,
better at the study
and the contemplation
and listening for your Spirit.

I was cocky.

I didn’t calculate the impact
of congregational crises
or family demands
or, frankly, my own health,
the last of these least
as if I expected to be superhuman.

Well, Lord.

This is one of those times.
I hope you know I meant
to do better, and some things
were beyond my control,
and I could use your help.

That same friend always says,
“The Holy Spirit’s got your back.”

I pray it’s true.
I’ll do my best
to walk it proud,
for your sake,
as always. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Walk It Proud (a prayer for preachers)”

  1. Some of my best sermons have been given when I am broken and the Holy Spirit stands in for me. Thanks for this one Martha! Prayers that your energy returns.

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