Prayers for Pastors

Curling Ribbon (a prayer for pastors)

Holy One,

Our presents atop the bookshelves, safe from the puppy.
Our presents atop the bookshelves, safe from the puppy.

I spent most of the day wrapping presents:
these touchscreen gloves for the oldest
in “Noel” tissue for a stocking;
this book for a little brother,
papered over now with snowmen,
in cheery scarves as if they feel the cold;
and this one wrapped in furtive haste —
ssh! — before my love returns.

Over, under, red ribbon now a bow,
I slide a swift scissor blade
and watch it curl, just so.

That work complete,
I take up a pen, not red
for writing tags, but black
for putting thoughts in order.
It’s time to finish
paragraphs with a flourish,
time to wrap a package
that contains Your Love.

Be with me, Holy One,
in each curl of the ribbon,
each turn of a phrase.

1 thought on “Curling Ribbon (a prayer for pastors)”

  1. Always wonderfully crafted, timely and beautifully poetic. My only tad bit of jealously is that there are no presents wrapped or ribbons curled this year (so not me) but my boot has slowed me down.

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