Prayers for Pastors

Preach peace (a prayer for pastors)

Each Advent I think
surely next year peace
won’t still seem like
a far away impossible.

I look back now
to times of war
and they seem logical;
although I revile them,

I can understand them.
A map of allies,
an axis of powers,
a reason to fight,

purported at least.
Disagree with it
I might; I did.
But comprehend? Yes.

Now we live in the midst
of the incomprehensible:
never-ending violence.
We are all someone’s enemy.

IMG_0030A voice said “Preach!”
And I said,
“What will I preach?”
What can I?

Preach peace.
Preach peace
over everyday terror
and murderous prejudice.

Preach peace
over control fantasies
and casual violence
and the lies of fear.

Call it far away,
but not impossible.
Then work together
to make it so,

in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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