Prayers for Pastors

More goodness, more courage, more faith (a prayer for pastors)

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Dear God,

I pray for courage to speak the truth.
I pray for humility when I learn things I did not know.
I pray for honesty to admit my ignorance.
I pray for sturdiness of spirit, to not be guilty of false fragility.
I pray to understand the world better and persevere longer in study and listen more actively to the experiences of those around me.

I give thanks for all the preachers and pastors
who strive to serve You, Lord,
especially the ones who are teaching us
there is more to the world than what we see,
more than the news wants to tell us,
more horror and loss
and sometimes more goodness.

Thank you for the
people who show us
more goodness,
more courage,
more faith.

May we be among them. Amen.

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