Prayers for Pastors

Red Cups (a prayer for pastors)

O Lord!
I like to get it all done early,
and I must confess,
the red cups
have cheered me on
for years now.

They come too early,
but I have to write
and liturgies
and choose hymns
and plot out readings.

Two pastors, hard at work.
Two pastors, hard at work.

I confess to leaning
on the caffeine fuel
in the red cup
and the Sufjan channel
on Pandora
to set my mood.

A pastor needs
to get there early,
to make things ready,
to set the scene
and make the plans,
and if the red cup helps
so be it.

And I’ll confess, too,
that I liked the cups
with snowmen and carolers
and doves and reindeer
and abstract generic
holiday images, filled
with seasonally elaborated

red cup
A vintage Red Cup, 2006.

But I don’t believe for a minute
that ombre shaded cups
constitute a declaration
of non-faith,
nor do I need
a coffee shop to bring
the Christ Child
into my world.

(He was never on the cups.)

I’ll trust you for that,
trust you to take care of
breaking through,
shining a light into our darkness,
while I type verse numbers,
and recruit candle lighters
and drink more coffee.

Come, Lord Jesus.

(I’m almost ready.)

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    1. Since when is it the responsibility of a corporation to share Christian values? That’s the call of Christians. It’s comical to be offended by the ways stores mark the holidays. The Wal-Mart greeter might say “Merry Christmas,” but the company makes money on inflatable snow globes featuring cartoon characters. Why aren’t you mad at them?

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