Prayers for Pastors

Reminders (a prayer for pastors)


People ask how I do it, Lord,
how I juggle multiple jobs,
how I keep it all straight.


A little app on my phone,
with multiple categories,
one for this ministry,
and one for that,
and one for writing,
and errands to be done,
and one for home projects,
and one for “Family”
that really means
Christmas for our boy.
Please do not tell him.

Each list has a different color,
and it pleases me to choose them,
but I recognize that making lists
doesn’t get things done
even when we trick ourselves
by making lists cute.

We need other reminders
of why we do this work,
why we work, above all,
for You.


For me, this last week,
there were these reminders –
a baptism at a hospice house,
a Sunday School discussion about hell,
insights shared and taken deeper,
portraits of women both painted and spoken,
trusts shared in conversation,
hints of future possibility,
a yellow-brown leaf pressed
between the pages of my journal.

I will keep organizing myself
to be in all the places,
doing all the things,
because I am reminded
that in all of them,
I am not just serving You.

I am with You.

Thanks be to You for this indescribable gift. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Reminders (a prayer for pastors)”

  1. Thanks Martha – I in no way juggle what you do but I appreciate your prayer. It serves a reminder why I do the things I do juggle. It is all about Christ! If you don’t mind – what app do you use?

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