Prayers for Pastors

For all of us (a prayer for pastors)

On our ecumenical block
Sunday at 8 a.m.
the Catholic bells are ringing
the Presbyterians who come early
are starting to arrive
and down the way
the Methodist church sign
asks what’s missing?

Wesley UR
Right down the street in real life.


I’ll pass them all
when I leave for church
but for now
the dog is snoozing
on the kitchen floor
a rare moment of peace
and so I’m praying

for my church
and all the others
for the pastors who are ready
and the ones in a panic
for the priests who go home
to an empty rectory
and the preachers whose kids
won’t let them nap

I pray for the Pope
because he asks everyone
pray for his health and strength
and give thanks he cares for the poor
pray that the work I do
the work so many women do
will someday be blessed by him
as I trust it is blessed by You


I need to get going
Go with me I pray
Go with all of us
to Mass on a parkway
and Eucharist in a stone church
and liturgy of the Word
and plain old worship
All for You, Holy One.