Prayers for Pastors

For those Sundays when we’re nervous (a prayer for pastors)

O God!

I woke up and realized
my stomach was ahead of me
and my head was behind.

It’s one of those Sundays:
so many moving pieces,
Rally breakfast
(get there early),
Bible presentations
(will they come?),
Commissioning of teachers
and students
and bowling later
and stewardship videos
and Communion
and people in the hospital.

And in the midst,
a sermon
full of truth,
I hope,
but who knows?

(And if so,
who gets mad?)

My coffee doesn’t
taste right.

A mentor told me,
“I always
feel nervous
on Sundays,”
as if only an idiot
wouldn’t be,
as if a calm person
would be too flat.

For me,
it’s just nauseating.

So please, Holy One,
settle me down.
Help me look beyond
how many show up,
how smoothly things go,
if anyone responds.

Settle me down,
but stir me up
for You.

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