Prayers for Pastors

Come, labor on (a prayer for pastors)

Come, labor on!
Who dares stand idle
when families sleep on train tracks,
and little children drown,
when moms and dads fast
to get their kids a school,
when black sons and daughters
matter less to white leaders?

Come, labor on!
The work of faith is WORK.
Let’s put a shoulder into it.
Give it everything we have:
a strong mind and a good heart
and courage we pray to find.
Risk things we count on:
comfort and security,
reputation and rank.
Share what we know:
the good news of mercy,
the gospel of peace.

Come, labor on!
When it seems impossible,
when picking up trash
beside the road
seems preferable,
O God!
remind us Who
labors alongside.
Remind us how
You gave it all
in labor for us.


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