Prayers for Pastors

Like a boss (a prayer for pastors)

Weekly, dear God,
I think about how to sing you into being.
I flip through books and
also memory
considering broad themes –
Love! Peace! Discipleship! –
or familiar phrases –
“God in three persons”
“Joyful, joyful, we adore thee”
“Immortal, invisible” –
or timeless images –
Mother. Father. Shepherd.

I think about how to sing you into being,
in the body of the faithful,
and the minds of the questioning,
and the voices of the no-place-else-to-go-today,
using the best of what’s available to me.

I want the words to mean something,
and I drift to the familiar,
for the sake of the singing,
and the untrained among the singers,
and for me it works beautifully,
most of the time.

Yet there are phrases,
and images,
and broad themes unexpressed
by classical chords
and texts of another time.

Last night I watched a pitcher
whose mood and work
can be best described as
“like a boss.”

And I wonder, if we sang about
our gratitude as if you were
our hero,
in our modern parlance,
how it might sound.

(No using words like parlance.)

Would we go out
with shouts of joy?
Praise God in the sanctuary?
Ascribe to the Lord?


We need a hero, Lord,
and you save us,
need to hear things over and over,
and you keep teaching us,
can’t get our heads in the game,
yet you keep chucking the ball
right over the plate.
Like a boss, O God.
Like a boss.


Partially inspired by Music Sunday, and partially by the following filthy pitch.