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“Thomas Speaks from the Gut” at the Christian Century

christian-cent-w-frameLast year I took a class to determine my Enneagram number. I’m an old hand at Myers-Briggs, with its 16 types, but this nine-number circle with all sorts of arrows going back and forth was a new system for me. Thankfully the teacher, Suzanne Stabile, had a teaching style I understood well. It turns out we are the same type.

Some of us reside in the heart (or feeling) triad, as Suzanne and I do, and some in the head (or thinking) triad. My guess is Thomas would belong in the third triad: the gut.

(Read the rest of this lectionary essay at The Christian Century’s blog. I wrote the Living By the Word entry for Easter 2B, which you may find in the magazine or online here if you are a digital or print subscriber.)

2 thoughts on ““Thomas Speaks from the Gut” at the Christian Century”

  1. Martha, have you read Elaine Pagels’ The Gnostic Gospels? She has a fascinating take on why the writer of John’s Gospel does such a number on Thomas. Of course, there is the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas that didn’t make the cut. And Pagels argument is essentially that John is taking a bit time swipe at the Gnostics with the whole story of Thomas’ doubting.

    1. Donna, that’s a book that used to be on my shelf and didn’t reappear after a move – maybe I gave it away? I don’t know. I should look at it again.

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