Prayers for Pastors

Sunday Sabbath (a prayer for pastors)

Good morning, God.
I am having a strange day.
I am not in a hurry,
I am not worried about a sermon,
I don’t have a meeting after worship.

Today I have Sabbath.

These precious Sunday Sabbaths
parceled out
six a year
I rarely use for rest.

Sometimes I preach
where it isn’t my job,
other times I am en route
to or from
here or there
counting miles
or fighting traffic.

But this Sunday,
this Sabbath,
I have –
I am making –
that rare opportunity
to worship,
instead of
leading others.

Oh, my Lord!
Be still my heart!!!
The clock turned to 8,
and my calendar alert
said Church: one hour!

(Note to self:
delete that next time.)

I’m wired
to Your word,
unaccustomed to
the spaciousness
of letting someone else
study it,
parse it,
open it wide.

I’m bad at Sabbath
when it falls on Sunday
(and not much better
any other day,
but that’s another prayer.)

Give me ears to hear
and turn off the inner critic
whose odious comparisons
can drain the spirit,
Your Spirit,
from any experience.

Thank you for a day off
and make it a day of
knowing you
in a different way
from a different seat
in a different sanctuary.

In Christ’s name. Amen.