Prayers for Pastors

The to do list (a prayer for pastors)

The last thing on my to do list.
The last thing on my to do list.

Holy One,

Some weeks are long-listed.
I type into the Notes app,
available across devices.
I like to write it all down,
then backspace over
the finished tasks.
The blank box is my reward.

Some people
do it differently,
writing a list on paper,
the back of an envelope,
or a page in a spiral notebook,
or the front sheet of a legal pad,
drawing lines through the words
to mark tasks completed.

I hope you are interested,
O God,
because so many of the things
on my list
are directly related
to working for you.

I study and plan and write.
I shop and set up
and host and teach.
I organize my thoughts
trying to serve you better.

I don’t suppose a to do list
is a prayer, but if
I were to pray it,
I would pray that you
be in and around and between
all the lines of my life,
the characters I type
and the characters I meet,
the words I write
and the words I speak.

Maybe all my to do lists
need to start this way:
For God’s sake, this week
I need to …

In the list-making
and the backspacing
and the lining through,
be with us, Lord.

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  1. Thank you Martha, for a beautiful prayer calling us to find the holy in the ordinary.

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