Prayers for Pastors

Super Sunday (a prayer for pastors)

Every year it becomes more apparent,
when people offer up “the concern” –
Pastor, it’s Super Bowl Sunday.
We can’t have a meeting
at noon.
People will be busy.
(They may even stay home,
which leaves me wondering,
dear God,
if they don’t own
a crock pot,
or whether they even know
what time the game starts.)
This is true even for people
who swear they only
watch the commercials.
Theologically, Lord,
I don’t quite know
what to make of this.
As for so many things,
there is a spectrum
“Of course church should matter more!”
“Meet people where they are!”
“Honestly, we’re having people over ourselves.”
Honestly, we are.
I confess I will be watching,
although officially
I deplore the violence of the sport.
Photo credit: Budweiser
Really, isn’t he irresistible?
Photo credit: Budweiser

I will be watching,

though I too want to say,
“Just for the ads, Lord.”
I just want to see the puppy
reunited with his horses.
O Lord, forgive me!
Forgive us.
Forgive us for the times
we rush through church,
more secular concerns
on our to-do lists,
from slow cooker nachos
to getting home before the storm hits,
to whether there will be
yet another snow day tomorrow.
Forgive us for the times
when the Super part of Sunday
isn’t the time we spend with you.

4 thoughts on “Super Sunday (a prayer for pastors)”

  1. Martha,

    This is Londa in Houston. I follow you on Facebook and I read RevGalPal. My son is very sick and I am living out of a suitcase.

    I loved your poem, but I have to ask. Why do you assume that the Lord is not at the Super Bowl? I see the connectedness of God at AA meetings, at high school orchestra concerts, and even at high school football. One of the holiest moments I ever participated in was a gathering of support for a young man who lost both parents. That happened at a football game. Yes, football was played. We were not at church. But the love, caring and support was Gospel. Why does it have to be either/or? Isn’t God always present, if we just seek?

    My task these days is to find the Sacred in the profane. Because my boy is so sick, I have learned that She can use all manner of people and situations to speak to us. Most of it isn’t pretty or formally spiritual. But She is there.

    And I think God is big enough to be present at the Super Bowl.

    Thank you for being you. I love everything you write.

    Londa Clark

  2. God is present everywhere and in all things. However, our 49 year “stalker love affair” with 22 men and a piece of plasticine beats the stuffin’ out of me! …and the game doesn’t even start until what…6pm EST??????!!!! And its taking 49 years to connect the dots between the malice on the field and the rise in violence shelter populations ? Hellooooo. The only good thing about the Stupor Bore is that it will be over by tommorow morning

  3. Thank you, Londa and Andrea, for exemplifying the extremes I hoped to express. The problem is not where God is but where our hearts and actions are. I described my own conflicted feelings in the hope they would resonate with others.

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