Prayers for Pastors

Calculating Sundays (a prayer for pastors)

Words on the pageThis many words
( or)
This many pages
These many slides
This much gas
(to take us)
This many miles

That much cereal
This much milk
That much yogurt
(for the fussy)
That kind of toast
(and here’s my reward)
Plus a Pop Tart

Is it brown sugar cinnamon?
he asks me
as if it ever would be
any other kind.

This many minutes left
we must leave.
Mass down the street
is just letting out.
Wait another five minutes
back the car out safely.

We will get there
five minutes later
I’ll really still be early.

O God!
I try to have
a cosmic mind
open to You
your Spirit
your Word
Sundays with a family
are calculating Sundays.

This many people offended
talk of news stories
civil rights
the church’s future.

That many deep breaths
before I say any of it.

Thus and so many
no real comments
do I really want them?

After church,
the drive home
takes us
the supermarket:
this many corn chips,
that much milk,
so many bananas,
one bag of coffee,
tonight we order pizza,
give thanks
the day is over.

4 thoughts on “Calculating Sundays (a prayer for pastors)”

  1. You are brilliant! A shining star seeing into our worlds, sharing our thoughts, expressing our hearts.
    Bless you x

  2. There are Sundays like that. Thank God for all the others that make up for this kind.

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