Epiphany, Prayers for Pastors

Brightest and Best ~ a prayer for pastors

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Our children, celebrating Pouncemas.

Brightest and Best,
hear the preacher’s prayer.

We have enjoyed our children,
taken trips, even
a Sunday of respite,
but now it’s time
to get back to it.

Our heads are foggy
with family dynamics
and considering whether
we, or some amorphous they,
need to clean up our acts.

Our bodies are logey
from holiday travel,
and unfamiliar beds,
and too much of every
kind of good thing.

Our hearts are heavy,
with the world’s sadness,
the wrongs committed,
the troubles unsolved.

We wish to bring you gifts,
but most of the time
they are less than festive:
our shiny (lost) hopes,
a sweet-sour fragrance,
an anointing of tears.

Brightest and Best,
be with us
as we speak of your light
come into the world
and our hope that the darkness
will never overcome it.

Be with us, we pray.

I would love to know your thoughts.

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