Advent, Advent Wreath, Narrative Lectionary, Revised Common Lectionary

Advent Wreath Liturgies for 2014 (NL Year 1 and RCL Year B)

Advent Wreath Lighting for Year B


Here are two quick links to Advent Wreath liturgies tied to this year’s lectionary readings.

Narrative Lectionary Year 1

Revised Common Lectionary Year B

You are welcome to use these liturgies in weekly worship at your local church. These liturgies were created, and are copyrighted, by the Rev. Martha K. Spong, (NL 2014, RCL 2011).  You are also free to adapt them to your circumstances (using multiple or single readers, for instance). Please leave a comment to let me know where they will be used. You are also welcome to share the blog links.

This does not constitute permission to publish the readings as a set or to claim credit for them online or in print. 

18 thoughts on “Advent Wreath Liturgies for 2014 (NL Year 1 and RCL Year B)”

  1. at Fayetteville United Methodist Church and Doggett Chapel United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, WV with slight modifications. Thank you!


  2. Thank you. We will be using your creation as we light the Advent wreaths in our two United Methodist congregations – St Charles and Dover, Minnesota


  3. With slight modifications this great material will be used on Christmas Eve in First Baptist Church, Ottawa Canada.


  4. Hello, Thank you for this work and for making it available to others. You are very generous. I am going to use a mash up of a couple of years (I know, it’s not completely true to the lectionary, but it’s 2020 ya’ll….) in the worship service for Central Christian Church in Austin, Texas

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