Prayers for Pastors

In Search Of (a prayer for pastors)


The other day we seized
Three hours, almost four,
And drove out of town
Down curving roads
And over hills
In search of barns
That might contain

Wouldn't that be pretty?
Wouldn’t that be pretty?

An elusive ladder
For use as a holder
Of Christmas lights
And eventually stockings
(I saw it on Pinterest)
But instead we found
A shoulder bag made of
Recycled truck tires,
Sufficient to hold
File folders and a hymnal,
A bit of a goose chase,
But it was so good,
A preacher’s half-Sabbath.

For the rest of the week
Was also good, but long,
With bumps in the road
And unexpected traffic
And surprising signs
Along the way pointing
To your presence.

You were there
In the stories told
Over lunch at church
At hospital bedsides
Or mid-night waiting rooms,
In the struggle to compose
Prayers and sermons
Worthy of the moment
Acknowledging reality
Yet offering hope,
In the brave testimony
Of the soon-to-be bereaved
And the often disappointed
Who nevertheless follow you.

Bless the words
We write and speak
Of Kings and Goats
Of calls to serve
Of prophecies unwelcome
And thanks for all the ways
You appear in the rooms
And along the roads
Of our lives,
Sitting across the room,
Visible around the bend,
Odd monarch,
Old friend:

All places contain you.
We pray “Be with us”
And you are.
We thank you for that. Amen.