Prayers for Pastors

Sunday morning, still dark (a prayer for pastors)

The alarm goes off,
and life is like that joke,
where the mother calls her son,
and says it’s time for church,

but he doesn’t want to go,
and she insists,
and he says, Aw mom, do I hafta?

And she says, Son,
you are the pastor.

still darkTwo preachers wake.
Sunday morning, still dark,
offers little encouragement.
We check Facebook,
glance at email;
tiny devices bring
the world close.

We pray for our colleagues:
celebrating a new baby,
comforting a grieving mother,
struggling with church conflict,
suffering personal pain but covering it,
uncertain of the sermon written,
trying to summon up the good word memorized,
juggling new members, baptisms,
and stewardship drives.

We pray for ourselves:
for the 4th grade project
on the dining room table,
and the grown ones
in college
and grad school
and the real world,
for the tasks of daily life,
seemingly unending,
with thanksgiving for —

Sun’s up!
So are we.
Cats fed.
Dog walked.
Sermon printed.
Collar tab found.

With all that we have
and all we have prepared
and all we will improvise
we go out to serve You
in the name of the One
who put on flesh
and woke with the sun
and talked to the people
and napped in the back of the boat
(which we hope to do later,
minus the boat)

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