Prayers for Pastors

For the Ministry Team (a prayer for pastors)

Loving God,

There are a lot of people who make all this possible.
They listen to me talk about my sermon when I don’t know what to say.
They find me the phone number of the person I need to talk to about the thing that really matters today.
They meet me for coffee when they really don’t have the time.
They call and let me know what they need when I was at risk of forgetting.
They stop by with a pumpkin when I was never going to have time to get to the Farmer’s Market, and my children really want to carve one.

How did they know?

They stop by at exactly the right moment.
They offer the desperately-needed encouraging word.
They wait patiently after church when the meeting lasts longer than scheduled.
They curl up in my lap and insist on being petted.
They know how to make manifest the worship center or art project or special botanical arrangement I can see in my mind but have no idea how to construct without their help.

Bless them.

They may not know it, but they are part of the ministry team.
They are lay leaders who hold no elective office, people who patiently follow the calendar and change the paraments without reminding, questioners who like to be in the conversation, colleagues who are busy themselves, lifelong churchgoers who never get tired of it all, people who grasp that new doesn’t have to mean threatening, and people who live with me and love me even when I don’t have time to pick up the pumpkin myself, or we are eating pizza for dinner, again.

Thank you, Gracious and Giving God, for all the members of the ministry team.

May we continue to serve you together, to your glory, in Christ’s name. Amen.